Helping custom residential builders:
Build smarter. Live better. Enjoy life.

LIVE LIFE BUILD is co-founded by builder, Duayne Pearce + architect, Amelia Lee. We help and teach custom residential builders how to improve their projects, businesses and lives. We do this via our blog, online courses and group mastermind.

We're on a mission to elevate the professionalism of the residential construction industry, and help everyone enjoy building and renovating homes.

Stop quoting for free. Get paid for your pre-construction time.
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If you're struggling to run a thriving, profitable building business ... finding your clients run you ... and you're chasing cashflow, whilst dealing with stress and frustration in your projects everyday ...

This is how LIVE LIFE BUILD can help you.

Your Building Business 101 online course: the fast-track way to learn how to create a profitable residential building business.

Learn how to to get paid as a consultant, stop doing free quotes, and improve your business overall, by using our proven PAC Process.

We've created a group coaching and mastermind program for builders who REALLY want to improve their projects, businesses and lives. 


We're all in this together ...

LIVE LIFE BUILD was co-founded by Duayne Pearce of D Pearce Constructions, and Amelia Lee of Undercover Architect in 2019.

Together we have over 50 years of industry experience in residential design and construction.

Independently we have a passion to improve our industry and the experience of homeowners.

Combined, we provide holistic, comprehensive education to change the way residential builders do projects, business and life.

We have teamed up and created a community and coaching for custom residential builders like no other.

Duayne Pearce

Duayne Pearce, D Pearce Constructions

As a builder with over 20 years experience in construction, Duayne is very passionate about the building industry.

After struggling for 6 - 7 years with clients and cashflow and almost losing it all several times, Duayne and his wife, Camille, have spent the past 5 years improving their business, profitability and lifestyle.

Duayne is now committed to sharing his experience and learnings to help other builders. This is how we will improve the construction industry and the lives of everyone in it. This isn’t just about the builder. It is about his or her partners, families, kids, contractors, suppliers and clients.


Amelia Lee, Undercover Architect

After almost 30 years in the architectural industry, Amelia has seen first-hand how emotional a process renovating and building can be for a homeowner. They feel wary, and overwhelmed by the experience ahead. This can and should be better, more enjoyable, more fun, and more rewarding for all involved.

Over her career, Amelia has worked with hundreds of homeowners and has now established a recognised go-to brand they trust as their secret ally.

Amelia is passionate about helping builders work collaboratively with their clients, create relationships with designers who respect the craft of construction, and build homes and businesses that elevate the lives of all involved.

Build Smarter. Live Better. Enjoy Life.

Live Life Build is creating a new industry, and elevating the professionalism of custom residential builders. Come be a part of it with us.


We believe that ALL should enjoy the building experience: builders, tradespeople, suppliers and homeowners.

We will educate builders so they can create quality homes, great client relationships, and prosperous businesses and lifestyles.

And by doing so, we will elevate the reputation of our industry, and change the experience Australians have when building and renovating their family homes.

We are all in this together. And we're really excited about what's ahead ...

Get Paid As a Consultant during the pre-construction phase, and stop quoting projects for free. Instead, learn our proven method used by builders like you.
Download our 1-page PAC (Paid As Consultant) Map now.

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