We've created a Group Mastermind for builders who want to really improve their businesses and lives.

“You don't know what you don't know. Make the time to work on your business rather than getting bogged down in your business. Live Life Build is (in my opinion) the best platform to do that and find how good it feels to be running an efficient business that provides a better service to your clients.” - RB


Are you wanting to change your building business, and your life, for the better?

ELEVATE is our group coaching and mastermind program, specifically created for building business owners.

This is a place where we provide more personalised support and assistance to help you grow your business.

Plus bring teachings from subject matter experts, and our personal experience, to a collaborative community of members.

"Just wanted to say that this group is fantastic and I feel so much more confident in running a business, knowing that there is always someone with an answer. It's awesome and reassuring." - JP

Working ON your business as well as IN your business isn't easy ...

Are you sick of just scraping by?

Many builders are on a treadmill of making things work everyday, and they're only one or two projects between success and failure.

It can be a challenge to juggle just how much is needed 'behind the scenes' as well as 'on the tools' to run a successful business.

We doubt you started a building business to just 'scrape by'. And we know how hard it can be to access the help you need.

“I’d especially (recommend this) to younger builders just starting out; we could have done so much more if we had this 30 years ago and would be in a much better position now than we are.” - SP

Introducing ...


With this online membership and mastermind, you can build your ideal business. And live your dream life.

(But don't just take our word for it! Watch what some of our members say ...)

This isn't just any kind of business coaching.

This is industry insider help, know-how and support from a team who still work inside this industry ... who have over 50 years combined experience, and have worked on millions and millions of dollars worth of projects, plus reach thousands of homeowners (the people you work with) on a daily basis.

We're dealing with and facing exactly the same things you are in your business.

Every. Single. Day.

Want to get to know us? Here's more info ...

Hello! We're Duayne Pearce and Amelia Lee

Together, we are on a mission to improve the lifestyles and the lives of everybody involved in the construction industry.

And in the process, elevate the professionalism of the residential construction industry.

We want to help builders know how to run their businesses better, deliver projects that are fantastic quality, create great teams that work collaboratively together and ultimately, be rewarded well for the projects and the processes that they deliver in their businesses.

We love working with builders like you, and teach you what you need to know to build smarter, live better and enjoy life.

Here's some more about what Members think about ELEVATE ...

So what's inside ELEVATE?
Here's the low-down
Join ELEVATE and you get access to ...

 Regular Zoom calls each month: Including group Q & A and expert sessions (which are recorded as well)

Private Facebook Group: to talk with your mastermind group + directly contact Duayne and Amelia

Building Business Systems Library: including our training session, and 40+ systems templates

Your exclusive on-boarding 1:1 call: A personal 30 minute call with Duayne or Amelia to start your membership

 Access to all existing ELEVATE recordings: including Q & A recordings, group calls and expert sessions

Our LAUNCHPAD online course: Consider this your "Business 101" learning - see below more information

Our PAC Challenge: normally $1350 ex GST, this self-study online course is included in ELEVATE

Save 50% on 1:1 calls with Duayne or Amelia: Add more personalised support as needed and save $$$

More about what builders think of ELEVATE ...

Expert Sessions include ...


Belinda Brosnan, on how  to navigate uncertainty and overwhelm as you level up in your business.


Lex Orange, on your project contract, and what you should legally include (and how) so you're well protected.


Nicole Hatherly, on building your reputation as the platform for a business you really enjoy.


Rik Rushton, on the power of connection to build trust and rapport in your team and client communication.

Tamsin Parry-Mentor

Tamsin Parry, on how to create your admin team (both locally and virtually) and the best ways to source and train.

Aaron Applefield-Mentor

Aaron Applefield (aka coach Apples), on how he uses a Stoic Approach Mindset in his daily personal and professional life.

Helen Rogerson-Mentor

Helen Rogerson, on helping leaders to be the best they can be with a real-world approach to developing leader capability.

John Tonkin-Mentor

John Tonkin, (aka 'systems ninja') on building systems that hugely streamline your building business.

Kurt Everard-Mentor

Kurt Everard, on the the kinds of help TIACS provide and to whom, and actionable ways you can support your own mental health, and also support those in your family and team.

Michael Tyrell-Mentor

Michael Tyrell, on showing how the NCC 2022 Livable Housing Guidelines will need to be applied to residential projects.


Johannes Egbert-Mentor

Johannes Egberts (Breathless Expeditions), on demonstrating the power of breathing and breathwork to improve your mental health and overall well-being.

Katie Crismale-Marshall-Mentor

Katie Crismale-Marshall (Profit First for Tradies), on simplifying complex financial concepts to help you and other trade businesses reach financial stability, success and profitability.

Cathy Gelling-Mentor

Cathy Gelling (Flow Design and Print), on how to craft compelling and lasting brands that drive success and sustainability to your business.

Jason Banks-Mentor

Jason Banks (TIACS), on supporting TIACS's mission to provide early to mid-intervention mental health support and helping leaders practise self-care and recognise vulnerability.

Aaron Wailes-Mentor

Aaron Wailes (Greencoast Design), on how to use the PAC Process with your building designer or architect to best support your clients and build strong professional networks.

Plus regular sessions with Live Life Build Co-Founders on topics ...

marketing, knowing your numbers, running your jobs, managing your team, setting goals, working well with clients and designers ... plus loads more!! All to help you create a successful, professional business (and life) you enjoy!


Duayne Pearce, as a builder with his own successful custom residential building business, who has 'been there and done that', and knows day-to-day what you're dealing with as a builder and business owner.


Amelia Lee, as an architect now teaching and helping homeowners online as their 'secret ally', and knowing how you can find and create great partnerships with both your clients and designers you work with.

"I like the collaboration with a builder and architect and hearing both sides of the building industry. I liked Amelia and Duayne's down to earth approach and no nonsense talk." - NO

“The biggest lesson would have to be knowing and understanding my numbers in business (accounting), but also managing client expectations, fully understanding contracts, pre-construction processes, learning about systems and processes.
I also love listening to Amelia / architect speaking about client side experiences of building.
I highly recommend, you will learn what it takes to run a business and apply basic systems and processes.” - NK

Your membership to ELEVATE includes access to our online course 'LAUNCHPAD'

This online course is the business 101 in how to create a successful, thriving building business. In a matter of a few hours, you'll learn proven and game-changing strategies to launch your building business to the next level.

Here's what it includes:

(And you can learn more about Launchpad here)

Streamlining your business activities and SIMPLIFYING STEPS to achieve greater efficiency, and find easier and more impactful ways to focus on what matters.

How to set yourself up for PROFITABLE PROJECTS, whilst managing client expectations and ensuring you get paid for what your business is really costing to run.

The keys to a BETTER BUSINESS, knowing your numbers and being valued as a professional business operator, with a team you can rely on and trust.

And you also get access to our PAC Challenge
Our step-by-step course that teaches our PAC Process (or Paid As a Consultant Process)

MODULE 1: Getting Started with how to manage and automate your client enquiries

MODULE 2: Qualifying clients and setting expectations right from the initial call and meeting

MODULE 3: Onboarding and the PAC Process in action, including how to work with the designer and client

MODULE 4: Collaboration and marketing the PAC Process, so you become a sought-after builder

TEMPLATES, TOOLS AND CHECKLISTS: To streamline your PAC Process (and business overall)

“What’s been my favourite part? Being able to talk to other builders, their problems, (their) solutions.” - GK


Got questions? We've got answers ... and if yours isn't here, email us at [email protected]

So, if you’re ready to join a supportive, collaborative community of like-minded builders like you ...
and totally up-level your business and life ...

Join us in Live Life Build ELEVATE.
We can’t wait to see you on the inside …

“A different take on the building industry, your passion to improve the process within the industry.” - ND