PAC PROCESS TRAINED with Live Life Build



We believe that the PAC Process by Live Life Build is the exemplary model of builder-homeowner-designer partnership and collaboration.

We know it transforms the experience of building and renovating for all involved, and helps builders improve their projects, business and lives. We see it as the best and most effective way to initiate and execute projects in custom residential building businesses.

Being PAC PROCESS TRAINED enables clients and designers to easily identify a builder's training in, and use of, the PAC Process (as created by Live Life Build). It also differentiates PAC PROCESS TRAINED builders from those who are simply 'charging for quotes' or 'getting involved in the design phase'.

Builders who are PAC PROCESS TRAINED have ...

Completed our online program "PAC CHALLENGE" which provides training, templates and checklists to execute the PAC Process in the Live Life Build way.

Passed our assessment process on completion of PAC CHALLENGE to demonstrate their learning and comprehensive understanding of the PAC Process.

Been issued with a PAC PROCESS TRAINED Certificate and logo, and are profiled here on Live Life Build (linked with unique QR Code to assure of authenticity).


Builders who are "PAC Process Trained" are free to state that they have completed the PAC Challenge Course and associated PAC PROCESS training, but do not represent that they or their business have the endorsement of Live Life Build.

If you are a homeowner or designer / architect, please ensure you do your own, thorough due diligence on any builder prior to commissioning them for the PAC Process, or any other services.

Want to learn more about the PAC Process or become PAC PROCESS TRAINED?


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Matthew Prokuda, Radius Builders

Jared Brodrick, J+H Projects

Kyle Dwyer, Dwyer Building Group Pty Ltd

Rohan Wilson, Sixonethree Building

Brett Fowler, Saltash Homes Pty Ltd

Luke and Lisa Doecke, Saxony Building Pty Ltd

Eric Vielle, VL Constructions Pty Ltd

Ryan Brown, RKB Renovations


Kris Waldron, Waldron Constructions

Travis Griffiths, Sivart Construction Group


Duayne Pearce, DPearce Constructions