Eric Vielle, VL Constructions Pty Ltd

PAC Process Trained with Live Life Build

Eric Vielle VL Constructions - PAC Process Trained

VL Constructions is a family owned and run business specialising in custom new builds and renovations. Servicing metropolitan Brisbane and surrounding suburbs.

VL Constructions Pty Ltd

Licence Number:
QBCC 1191936
Licence Issued Date:
September 7, 2010
28 144 964 867
Business Address:
12/666 Gympie Rd., Lawnton, Queensland 4500
Services Provided:
New Builds, Renovations
QUEENSLAND, Metropolitan Brisbane


Builders who are “PAC Process Trained” are free to state that they have completed the PAC Challenge Course and associated PAC PROCESS training, but do not represent that they or their business have the endorsement of Live Life Build.

If you are a homeowner or designer / architect, please ensure you do your own, thorough due diligence on any builder prior to commissioning them for the PAC Process, or any other services.

The PAC Process by Live Life Build is the exemplary model of builder-homeowner-designer partnership and collaboration. When the builder is Paid As a Consultant during the design phase to provide input on cost and buildability, it transforms the experience of building and renovating for all involved. At Live Life Build, we see it as the best and most effective way to initiate and execute projects in custom residential building businesses, where the homeowner benefits from a truly collaborative process to bring their project dreams to reality.