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This is THE fast-track way to learn how to create a successful, thriving, residential building business.

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Are you sick of just scraping by?

Are you a builder that on the surface, appears to be going really well, but in reality, you’re under a lot of stress, wondering why everything feels so hard, and you don’t know where to start to turn things around?

Are you a builder who loves getting your hands dirty on site, but just finds all of the business stuff scary and challenging?

Do you just want to do your developments because you think that will solve all your problems, and dealing with clients is one of your biggest daily headaches?

And are you constantly chasing your next job, struggling with cashflow and working all hours of the day and week trying to stay on top of everything?

We’ve created LAUNCHPAD for builders like you.

This is an online course that will give you the tools and information you need to turn your business around, start enjoying the work you do everyday, and get back your passion for building.

So who are we anyway?

Amelia and Duayne Live Life Build

Hello! We're Duayne Pearce and Amelia Lee.

Separately, we're a builder and architect, running our own successful businesses. We have over 50+ years collectively in the residential design and construction industry.

Together, we’re Live Life Build. And we’re on a mission to elevate the professionalism of the residential construction industry, so that everyone can enjoy building and renovating family homes.

We do this by helping and teaching builders how to improve their projects, business and lives, through our online platforms, including our courses and mastermind.

Since 2019, we've been working closely with custom residential builders to help them create better results.

From turning a profit for the first time, to being able to take holidays, to 4X'ing their revenue, or even adding their very first team member ...

We've helped these builders with the know-how, insights and proven methods they've needed to grow businesses they enjoy.

And with our online course, Launchpad, we can help you too.

In a snapshot - here's what LAUNCHPAD includes ...

An online course that covers the most important and essential parts of being a successful builder.

Plus we’ve included a range of bonus templates and systems that will be really helpful and instantly get results.

No expiry on your access, so you move through it at your own pace. Plus it's super fast to watch and put into action.


Launchpad's online course contains 3 X EASY-TO-LEARN modules.

Each module targets key problem areas in any building business, and provides the steps to fix them.

This is what's in each module ...

In MODULE #1: Simplifying Steps, you'll learn ...

  • Obvious game-changers you’ve been missing and the best starting place
  • How to simply identify the key things to target that will change your business and life 
  • How to get things out of your head to free up time, and ensure quality, consistency and freedom

In MODULE #2: Profitable Projects, you'll learn ...

  • Understanding your costs and expenses so you’re charging enough to get paid and make a profit
  • Reviewing past projects for the goldmine of info they can provide (many avoid this)
  • Your rule book for project execution
  • Managing the expectations of your clients

In MODULE #3: Better Business, you'll learn ...

  • How to create a team and business in alignment with how you work and why you do what you do
  • Why not understanding what your accountant is telling you can be really dangerous
  • Believing in your ability as a business owner, rather than racing to the bottom on price

Plus, we include fantastic bonuses you can use to help your projects and business immediately ...

Learn how to audit yourself and your business to identify the best next steps to take to turn things around (immediately).

Access our Overheads / Expenses calculator to properly determine your target margin to ensure you'll stay afloat

Download three systems you can use to streamline your building business and save yourself time and mistakes.

Our Projected Revenue calculator will help you see your pipeline so you can predict future cashflow and team.

Keep your access to LAUNCHPAD online course
with no expiry.
Revisit the modules and workshops as you need.

(In fact, in our experience of working with builders, we know that listening to this information multiple times is really what creates the best results).


about Live Life Build LAUNCHPAD


"I've just finished LAUNCHPAD and wanted to thank you personally for such a great course. The content you guys have delivered is excellent and so easy to digest! You guys are on a great path and it's so inspiring what you're doing. Thank you once again for everything you have taught me."



"I've joined LLB because of the fact that Duayne and Amelia live and breath this stuff all day, every day."



We could have done so much more if we had this 30 years ago and would be in a much better position now than we are.



"This is the best team ever. Very supportive, very encouraging. You will miss this crew when we're not online catching up."



"The most valuable part of the workshop was that I’m just starting my business, so learning processes to get in place from the beginning.”



"Just wanted to say that this group is fantastic and I feel so much more confident in running a business, knowing that there is always someone with an answer. It's awesome and reassuring."



"As a supplier rep, it is very good for me to understand the issues and perspectives of my clients.”

Christian, Bretts Timber + Hardware


"The most valuable part of this workshop was getting a better understanding of the key pain points for builders ... and what processes will help overcome."

Oliver, James Hardie


Got questions? We've got answers ... and if yours isn't here, email us at [email protected]

So, if you’re ready to get off the treadmill of a business that owns you, and keeps you prisoner to stress and insecurity …

Join us in Live Life Build LAUNCHPAD.
We can’t wait to see you on the inside.