Turnaround Tips for Residential Builders Ready to Quit

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Is quitting the only option? Discover successful turnaround tips for residential builders ready to quit.

These turnaround tips are designed specifically for residential builders to help you regain control and achieve business success.

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Overcoming Challenges in the Construction Industry

Building a successful business in the residential construction industry is not easy. Many builders face overwhelming challenges, leading some to consider giving up entirely. But with proper guidance and a supportive community, even the most struggling builders can find success.

This blog highlights a success story from Brett, one of the builder members of Live Life Build, demonstrating how builders can achieve dramatic business transformations.

Builder’s Breaking Point and Initial Struggles

Builders often reach a point where the stress and challenges of running a business feel overwhelming. Seeking help can be a turning point, providing a chance to find new strategies and regain control.


We have members who join us who are literally at their wits’ end, and coming on to Live Life Build is almost like this last-ditch effort where they’re like, “Gosh, I’ve got to do something; otherwise, I’m going to need to walk away.” 


Yeah, well, Brett’s a good example of that. He’s actually a good mate of mine. He was part of my builder’s breakfast group. 

On face value, I thought he was running a really good business, but when he came to me and said, “Hey, Duayne, I’m out. I’ve actually come up with a plan. I’m absolutely convinced you cannot make money out of running a building business. I’m out.” 

I just couldn’t believe it. 

The Commitment to Change


What I loved was Brett joined us, and then he made a commitment that he was actually going to get up early every morning and do the content and start putting it into action. 

And we know that action creates results. The results reward that action. 

It was amazing to see, I remember, like four months in, he’s like, 

“I cannot believe it. I can’t believe how quickly I’ve been able to turn things around.” 

Knew his numbers.

Started learning the PAC process.

Started implementing it in his business. 

And that change was really dramatic, wasn’t it? 


Well, he joined, I think in February and by the end of that financial year, so four months, they’d made the best profit they’d ever made in business. 

He could see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

He knew there was a way out.

And his growth ever since has just been huge. 

Long-Term Success and Personal Fulfilment

He’s been with us for nearly two years now. 

  • He’s grown his site team. 
  • He now has multiple teams on site. 
  • He’s grown his administration team. 
  • He’s got work booked for 18 months, two years in advance. 
  • He’s now back to doing his passion. 
  • He’s a very good golfer and he’s now playing golf two to three times a week. 

It just goes to show that when you’ve got the right community around you, the right documents, and processes, the sky’s the limit. 


What I love about my conversations with Brett is that he’s redefined what’s possible for him. You know, he’s changed the benchmark and his standards for what life looks like. 

And so that just means that his growth has all sorts of potential. 

It’s absolutely amazing. 


Yeah, it’s unreal. 

The transformation Brett experienced highlights the power of having a good support system and the right tools to make all the difference. If you’re struggling, know that you can turn things around. Our ELEVATE program can guide and help you achieve similar results. 

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