The ELEVATE Road Trip to Shaping the Residential Building Industry

The ELEVATE Road Trip to Shaping the Residential Building Industry title on white background with photo of Amelia Lee and Duayne Pearce and Live Life Build Logo

ELEVATE DRIVE23: Come on a road trip to shaping the residential building industry.

The trip starts for ELEVATE members as they take on a life-changing journey towards professional and personal growth.

Welcome to Day 1 of the DRIVE23 program, an exclusive event for Live Life Build’s ELEVATE members and an absolute shift for custom builders in the residential construction industry.

DRIVE23 focused on upskilling our builder members and expanding their knowledge and confidence. Imagine: Determination, Responsibility, Vision, Innovation, and Excellence all fused into one transformative experience … on the road!

Our ELEVATE members deserve a tonne of credit for pausing their everyday routine to invest time and money in themselves, their learning and their businesses. It is a major thing.

Through what they’ve learned in ELEVATE and put into action in their projects, businesses and lives, their actions have given them the freedom to use this time for personal development. And it is part of our whole purpose in Live Life Build!

Get ready for some amazing days as we take you through this together! We can’t wait to start on this exciting adventure of growth and discovery.

Introduction to ELEVATE’s DRIVE23 Journey

We started off the adventure with a drive to Bendigo. There were multiple opportunities to engage, learn, and set the tone for the days ahead. The bus session promised an engaging introduction, setting expectations, and insightful presentations from Duayne, Amelia, and one of the mentors, ‘Apples’ (Aaron Applefied, our Mindset Mentor).

The combined skills of the Live Life Build team were exactly what was needed for the journey, paving the way for memorable experiences. Plus, it helped the ELEVATE members to prepare for those ‘hot seats’ coming up the next day. 

Everyone listened to members’ thoughts on Live Life Build and ELEVATE’s future. Our member feedback is important in improving what we do at Live Life Build, and their input was priceless.

When we arrived at Bendigo, we checked in at Quality Hotel Lakeside to freshen up, chill out and just take a breather before the evening.

As dusk set in, we took a stroll to our evening meal—another opportunity to connect further and prepare for the enriching days ahead.

When everyone was full and content, we reminded them of tomorrow’s early departure, which was set at 7:45 am. For anyone who wondered, we also shared breakfast at 7:30 am to ensure we’d fueled up before the journey ahead.

If you thought the first day was exciting, we had just begun our journey! Get ready for loads of fun, deeper friendships, and incredible experiences in the coming days.

If you want more experiences like these, to improve your skills, and to explore new things, join our ELEVATE program. You’ll get access to world-class training and knowledge, and join us as we create a new industry, elevating the professionalism of residential construction.

Stay tuned for Day 2, Inside Look at Durra Panel Factory, and more sneak peeks into our DRIVE23 journey!

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