Inside Look at Durra Panel Factory

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Let’s go behind the scenes on tour at the Durra Panel factory in Bendigo, Victoria.

As part of our ELEVATE Member experience, DRIVE23, Live Life Build visited Bendigo to discover how the eco-friendly building product Durra Panel is manufactured and works for construction sustainability.

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Welcome to Day 2 of the DRIVE23 program, an exclusive event for Live Life Build’s ELEVATE members and an absolute shift for custom builders in the residential construction industry.

DRIVE23 focused on upskilling our builder members and expanding their knowledge and confidence. Imagine: Determination, Responsibility, Vision, Innovation, and Excellence all fused into one transformative experience … on the road!

Builders were granted access to the Durra Panel Factory in Bendigo, Victoria. They spent hours learning about this incredible eco-friendly product as they watched it turn from straw bale to finished building and got excited about the possibilities for their own projects as well. 

Now, let’s explore the highlights of this visit. Prepare to learn more about the amazing product that is  Durra Panel and witness its impact on revolutionising sustainable material sourcing.

What is Durra Panel?

Durra Panel is made in Bendigo, Victoria, and this incredible material uses straw waste and converts it into a strong, durable, and sustainable building product. 

Our builder members learned that a Durra Panel is a wall and ceiling panel that insulates against sound and heat while being stronger, safer, and superior to plasterboard. 

Due to its use of a natural and annually renewable resource, sourced within a 100km radius of the factory, it’s 100% biodegradable and 100% recyclable. Zero waste!

But that’s not all. Durra Panel brings serious strength and performance to the table. It is incredibly strong, fire-resistant, acoustic and thermal as a finished board. It’s all about making structures durable and secure. With Durra Panel, it’s not just about looking good; it’s about doing good for the environment, the building, and the builders.

For many, it was their first experience with this product, so to see its manufacture first-hand was a valuable opportunity to learn more and gain confidence about how and where to potentially use it in their projects.

Immersive Experience at the Factory

As our ELEVATE members were taken through the factory whilst the Durra Panel team explained the manufacturing process in detail, it was fantastic to see the demonstration of its fantastic properties up close. The precision and care put into creating each panel were evident at every stage.

Our ELEVATE members also had the benefit of seeing both projects under construction in the factory, using the Durra Panel product to speed up construction and create a building envelope that’s durable and high-performance. 

They also got to see some finished demonstration projects that celebrate this fantastic product and show its application in various building types. 

Leaving the factory, our ELEVATE members carried a deeper understanding of how innovative materials like Durra Panel can shape the future of their projects and sustainable construction overall. 

And many can’t wait to implement this newfound knowledge into their work!

Impact on Builders: Learning More About the Products You Use

The visit to the Durra Panel Factory was a big deal. It gave them a bigger picture beyond their projects and enabled them to become familiar with the product from start to finish of its manufacture

In learning about how the product is made, where it is sourced from, and its application and construction techniques, our ELEVATE members are better placed to support their clients, and make informed choices for their projects. 

Especially as many of our members have big goals regarding sustainable construction in their businesses.

This journey isn’t done yet. There’s more to see, more to learn. The DRIVE23 program continues, and our next stop is the Hyne Timber Tumbarumba Mill. Learn more on our next blog, How Building Timber is Made: Builders’ Tour at Hyne Timber Mill, where we explore another big experience.

Builders, prepare for more education, innovation, and inspiration as we continue this journey together.

If you want more experiences like these, to improve your skills, and to explore new things, join our ELEVATE program. You’ll get access to world-class training and knowledge, and join us as we create a new industry, elevating the professionalism of residential construction.

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