XLam Facility for Sustainable Mass Timber Production

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Explore the XLam facility to see their technology in sustainable mass timber production.

Join the ELEVATE members as they witness the production of cross laminated timber (CLT) and gain new ideas for sustainable building solutions.

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Welcome to Day 4 of the DRIVE23 program, an exclusive event for Live Life Build’s ELEVATE members and an absolute shift for custom builders in the residential construction industry.

DRIVE23 focused on upskilling our builder members and expanding their knowledge and confidence. Imagine: Determination, Responsibility, Vision, Innovation, and Excellence all fused into one transformative experience … on the road!

Our ELEVATE members are preparing for the next exciting part after visiting the Hyne Timber Mill. They headed to the XLam facility, where traditional materials are transformed with cutting-edge technology.

Let’s explore this exclusive experience. Once again, our ELEVATE members will get a fresh perspective and learn innovative techniques for construction.

The XLam Facility

XLam is a leading Australian company in the construction industry, recognised for its mass timber production and technological expertise. They supply building components throughout Australia and New Zealand, expertly combining cutting-edge timbers with traditional and modern building methods. 

Their tech-driven approach has solidified XLam’s position as the primary supplier of advanced timber, surpassing local competitors.

XLam is deeply committed to sustainability. They source timber responsibly from local renewable plantations, ensuring that their Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) stock meets eco-friendly standards and carries PEFC certification. Their focus on optimising panel dimensions reduces waste, making every XLam product highly efficient.

Globally, the use of CLT in modern construction is on the rise. Since 2012, XLam has been at the forefront of providing a sustainable, efficient, and user-friendly building solution through CLT manufacturing.

The benefits of CLT extend beyond sustainability. It provides a highly accurate prefabricated structural solution with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, offering faster and safer construction. This system brings economic advantages, including quicker construction, reduced onsite waste, improved building operation efficiency, and lower environmental and health costs.

The Mass Timber Production Experience Inside XLam

Our ELEVATE members were granted a unique opportunity to have an exclusive tour inside XLam.

Upon arrival at the facility, the XLam team warmly welcomed and briefly explained what to expect. 

Stepping into the factory, our ELEVATE members were able to see the whole fabrication process from start to finish. Learning each step of the process helped our members understand the product comprehensively and imagine the possibilities for their own projects.

The tour’s highlight was witnessing the Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) assembly. After watching the individual timber members (which were sourced from the Hne sawmill we visited the day before) be suitably sorted and prepared and seeing the machinery and process to get the product ready, our ELEVATE members were excited to see the timber be laminated.

Large robotic machinery arranged timber components into layers piled perpendicularly and joined with strong adhesives to make up cross-laminated timber (CLT). Each panel is done to order based on the client’s specifications. The panel was then highly pressurised under heat. Because of its unique structure, the material has exceptional strength, stability, and construction adaptability.

The ELEVATE members learned on the XLam tour that CLT is seen as a change in building methods towards sustainable and environmentally friendly ones, in addition to its remarkable physical attributes. Many consider CLT an environmentally conscious, low-carbon construction choice.

The tour also shows how XLam works directly with clients to include CLT in building projects. The ELEVATE members understood how XLam fabricated individual CLT panels to meet specific project requirements, ensuring design accuracy and building efficiency. Our members were able to review shop drawings and see how individual orders were processed.

Understanding the role of CLT in the construction industry also clarified its effect on project schedules. The ELEVATE members realised that because CLT is prefabricated, it speeds up construction significantly, resulting in less labour needed on site and faster project completion timelines. Live Life Build Co-Founder Duayne Pearce, was able to also share his own experience, having used CLT in a recent residential project for a new build on the Sunshine Coast, QLD.

After visiting the XLam facility, the ELEVATE members left with a greater appreciation for all aspects of CLT and a deeper understanding of how the technology fits with XLam’s dedication to quality and client collaboration. They also had a new ability to determine its fit for their projects.

XLam’s Impact on Building Better

Seeing XLam’s CLT durability, versatility in design, and structural integrity at XLam allowed our Builder Members to think about creative ways to use this product to speed up their construction and create specific aesthetic and functional outcomes.

Given the increasing popularity of CLT in many commercial and public projects both in Australia and overseas, there’s a significant opportunity to consider its suitability for individual new builds and renovations.

This experience with XLam helped our ELEVATE members understand and review how they could specify and build better, smarter, and environmentally friendly, low-carbon projects using this innovative material.

The adoption of new materials and technologies can feel risky and difficult. However, our Builder Members now have first-hand knowledge of the manufacturing and fabrication of XLam’s CLT, which can allow them to work more confidently with the product and discuss project possibilities with designers and clients.

XLam’s Influence on Builders’ Building Better

The special visit to XLam resulted in major growth in knowledge and learning for our ELEVATE members. Builders gained new concepts after witnessing the strength and efficiency of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) at XLam. 

We’re incredibly grateful to the team at XLam for the exclusive opportunity to see the fabrication of XLam’s CLT up close. It was a fantastic experience for our Builder Members to learn more closely about this product and its possibilities for their projects. Their detailed knowledge will give them a huge business advantage when considering CLT for future projects.

Our journey doesn’t end here! The ELEVATE members still have one more exciting place to explore: the Bambra Agroforestry Farm. Join us on our next blog as we explore more insights and discoveries to innovate and build smarter.

If you want more experiences like these, to improve your skills, and to explore new things, join our ELEVATE program. You’ll get access to world-class training and knowledge, and join us as we create a new industry, elevating the professionalism of residential construction.
For more information on the XLam facility, check out their website here.

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